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Jeremy Jumper

Cable & Wire, Printed Circuit Boards & Electronic Box Builds

Person assembling wires

Wire and Cable Assembly

Our sister company TCS Electronics, Inc., possesses the capabilities to assemble your cables and harnesses using wire sizes ranging from 30 to 2 gauge. A wide assortment of wire and cable is used routinely including coaxial, solid, stranded, metallic, sheathed, and ribbon. Various connector types are used from many suppliers resulting in unusual configurations and requirements being common in our facility.
Circuit board

Printed Circuit Boards

TCS Electronics, Inc., offers several circuit board constructions, ranging from flexible and surface mount board assembly to multilayer and plated-through-hole (PTH). We can also custom-build our products to come equipped with up to twenty board layers with a maximum measurement of 16X14 inches in length and width, and 0.09 inches in thickness.
Electro mechanical box

Electro Mechanical Box Builds

TCS Electronics, Inc., provides superior multi-faceted electromechanical assembly service. Specializing in LED displays, complex moving parts, and plastic or metal enclosures equipped with full read out display capabilities, we offer on-site custom assembly services that are industry compliant and meet absolute client satisfaction.